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Director S&OP, Forest Product Industry

The LifeWork Story

In 1980, Larry Breault was the 36 year-old US President of an international Technology company. He had reached the top of his profession, but the hours and constant travel did not allow the type of work and life balance he sought for himself, his wife Meredith, and two young sons.

Although such an approach was uncommon at the time, Larry resigned his corporate position to find an alternative career in which challenge and financial reward, an enriched quality of life and strong family relationships were possible – without compromising any of these ideals.

An advertisement in the Wall Street Journal directed him to Management Recruiters International, the world’s largest search firm. The company’s focus on the value of both personal and professional achievements convinced Larry that he could achieve a true life-work balance that would attract employees, clients and candidates focused on reaching rewarding outcomes in both their personal and professional conquests.

Ten years later, Larry had opened nine offices, four owned by him and five sub-franchises, with total annual revenues more than $10 million, while leading a rewarding family and community life.  With his children about to enter college, he left the cold and taxes of New Jersey behind and in 1990 moved with Meredith to Port St. Lucie, Florida, and narrowed the office’s focus to its clients in the fields of payments and retail technology, specializing in aggressive growth companies and clients with global expansion plans.

In 2002, Larry Lebofsky joined LifeWork Search and was promoted to Vice President and eventually Partner, where he manages the Florida office and has led the Payments Systems practice’s growth into alternative solutions such as mobile and prepaid, while expanding his clients’ expansion into Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.

In 2006, Larry Breault’s son Jason joined LifeWork Search as a Partner managing the Massachusetts office. Jason has further expanded the LifeWork Search footprint by launching a full-fledged Supply Chain practice that works with top Consumer Products, Food & Beverage and Life Sciences companies filling end to end Supply Chain roles including Supply Chain Planning, Logistics/Transportation, and Purchasing roles.

We have taken LifeWork balance seriously for 30 years, and believe that success in one aspect does not need to diminish success in the other. To the contrary, success in one should propel success in the other. As evidence of this, our recognitions include:

  • “Best in Class” award – recognizing LifeWork Search from over 900+ MRINetwork offices.
  • “President’s Club” perennial winner.
  • “The Best Place to Work in St Lucie County, Florida,” 2010.
  • “National Philanthropy Award for St. Lucie County,” 2010.

Larry Breault continues to espouse the philosophy of balance and that a successful LifeWork path is to “Learn, Earn and Return.” He is active in a number of local chapters of national charities.

In 1980, the concept of tremendous success in both life and work was an anomaly, a possibility that existed for very few professionals. Today, through technology and 30 years of findings supporting the idea that balanced workers are productive workers that make clients highly profitable, we continue to attract employees, candidates and clients who believe success on all levels is not only possible, but the only considerable option.

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