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"I want you to know I am extremely pleased with the efforts of Dave Camp in finding me a qualified Project Manager so quickly. Thank you and your tea ... read more »

SVP Product and Technical Support, Point-of-Sale Software Company

Why Work with Us?

  • What’s in it for you?
  • Why should you care?
  • What’s different about us?

Great questions. The answer is simple. Because we focus on helping our clients win on all fronts.

Because they outperform their competitors and have some of the best retention records in the industry. Because we take what is important to them very seriously. Because the breadth of our network and the depth of the relationships we build with candidates ensures not only a skill match, but a cultural match as well.

And That’s Powerful. And Profitable.

Our approach helped several start up clients get funding last year in extraordinarily challenging economic times.  It helped our larger clients post 20-30% revenue gains while their competitors floundered. And when it came to successful sales, acquisitions, or public offerings, the stories were our clients.

We have helped create similar winning stories, in your industry, for 30 years. Our firm is woven into the history of the payments industry. When you work with us, your access extends to the entire field. That includes introductions to channel partners, associations, consultants, sometimes even investors. The relationships you need to win.

Compare our results to any other search firm and learn what winners already know.  We work with any organization related to non-cash payments that share these beliefs:

  • That something worth doing is worth doing with excellence
  • That good enough is not enough
  • That it is management’s responsibility to create a culture that offers employees opportunities for challenge, advancement, a supportive work environment, and financial growth – the opportunity to win on all fronts.
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